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We provide high quality care and support needed by mental health patients outside a hospital environment. We provide 8000 patient care episodes every year, and are highly experienced in caring for mental health patients who are being relocated to a new hospital, taken to an appointment or being moved under a Section of the Mental Health Act.

Our crews are trained on de-escalation, and how to care for patients with special needs, or are violent or sexually disinhibited. By being resourceful and considering alternative options, patients can often be persuaded to relocate without being forced or the need for restraint. If necessary we will adjust the crew gender mix or change the type of vehicle to meet the service user needs, and have the care skills needed to ensure a smooth transition. Above all we look after patients and treat them as people – with dignity and respect.

Around 20% of our work is the care of patients under Section 135 or 136. We also provide ward assistance and observation services in mental health wards and places of safety.

We operate 24 x 7 and can reach most parts of the UK within 2 hours*

(*depending on the number of patients already in our care)

Specialist Vehicles

We have a full range of vehicles available to provide flexible and accommodating care for patients with all conditions including wheelchair access vehicles, stretcher vehicles and celled conversions.

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Observation and Ward Assist

Secure Care provide services to assist hospitals with ward assist and observation services. Our observation services are often used in Place of Safety suites and we oversee service user welfare…

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Support for Section 135 / 136

We are highly experienced in supporting the police and local authorities in caring for patients undergoing Section 135 or 136 (as well as other Sections). Our teams have experience dealing…

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Transition Care

We are specialists in providing care for mental health patients who are being relocated to a new facility across the UK. We care for the patients with drivers and crew…

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