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Secure Care UK are specialist providers of care for mental health patients. Our services cover short and long distance relocations, in-patient appointments, bed watches, as well as Section 135/136 support enabling a safe entry into the mental health pathway. Transitioning from one environment to another can be highly stressful for some mental health patients, and the care provided can significantly influence the way a service users presents on reaching their final destination.


We work for NHS Trusts, CCGs and private care groups. A significant part of our work includes collaborating with the police and local authorities for crisis patients who have been sectioned, as well as providing ward assistance and observation services in mental health wards or places of safety.


We work exclusively for the mental health sector undertaking over 8000 patient care episodes each year, making sure our patients are treated with utmost dignity and respect. Caring for vulnerable patients requires a high level of compliance and accurate reporting, and we use this to both assure our customers of our high quality standards as well as improve the level of care to our service users.


Our control room operates 24×7 and ensures we have colleagues available to serve our clients and service users at any time of the day or night.

To care for our patients during relocations, we have 35 vehicles across the UK operating from 7 base locations to ensure the safe passage of our service users. Depending on the care needs of the service user, we have cars, minibuses, specialist cell vehicles, as well as wheelchair accessible vehicles and stretcher vehicles.

We supply specialist 135 / 136 care teams across the UK who are experienced in working with the police and local authorities to collect patients from their homes or public spaces.  We recognise the need to provide care and support for service users who are in crisis, and to ensure we provide a caring and dignified relocation from their home or public area.

We provide services to hospitals that need additional support either on ward or to observe and monitor mental health patients. Our teams provide calm, well trained, professional care which releases medical or security staff to continue with their day to day roles.

When it comes to the care of vulnerable mental health patients, we will work to find positive solutions to enable safe, effective, and thoughtful care during relocation services. An example of this was the solution we created for a high security forensic mental health patient to attend the funeral of a family member.

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Linda Murray

I have worked in medical & healthcare recruitment and also business development for a number of years. I gained invaluable experience of the customers expectations of the business are.

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I will keep it brief, 17 years in the Steel Industry as an engineer and trainer, 3 years with the M.O.D as a manager and trainer, 9 years with EDF as field manger and 2 years as customer service manager.

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Jon Mills

I have been working for Secure Care for over six months and can honestly say that I have never worked in such a dynamic and varied organisation where no two days are the same.

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